Lakeview Realty Investors (LRI) is a privately owned and managed real estate company that has been acquiring, owning and managing industrial real estate for over 40 years. We have a unique set of characteristics that make us distinctive in the real estate world:

Focus. We are focused exclusively on the Chicago metropolitan area and on properties of less than 100,000 square feet. We do not compete in other geographic markets or in the commoditized “big box” world of industrial space.

Product Breadth. Within our area of specialization, we offer a wide array of product types. We acquire existing properties, as well as develop properties on both a speculative and build-to-suit basis. Our portfolio includes both single and multi-tenant properties.

Long-Term Perspective. Our strategy is to hold properties for the long-term. Unlike merchant builders or transaction-oriented investors, we view our properties as long term investments. We take pride in the fact that we have rarely sold a building and still own the first industrial property we ever acquired over 40 years ago. We are truly “in for the long haul.”

Quality. Due to our long-term commitment, we believe that each of our properties must meet the highest standards for functionality, flexibility, quality of design, construction, and maintenance.

Financial Strength. All of our acquisitions, construction, tenant improvement and renovation projects are internally financed. We do not rely on outside funding sources such as equity partners, banks or institutions. We can therefore make decisions based on a long time horizon and without worrying about what a near-term exit strategy might be.

Speed. We operate with a very lean management structure. Combined with our independence from outside funders, we have the ability to react fast and move quickly.

Dedicated Partners. We have partnered with a group of contractors and service providers, most of whom we have worked with for many years. We are confident in our ability to meet our tenant’s needs quickly and responsively.

Sustainability. We are committed to principles of sustainability and responsible stewardship of the environment. We currently own several LEED-certified buildings. As we redevelop properties, we are committed to either obtaining LEED certification or designing and constructing in the “spirit” of LEED.

Lakeview Realty Investors currently owns over 1,000,000 square feet of industrial property. In addition, we own the following land sites for development on a build to suit or speculative basis:

Bolingbrook 30 acres

DeKalb 300 acres

Elgin 10 acres

Romeoville 12 acres

Woodridge 14 acres

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